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Zion Laser Lightshow Software

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Zion gives more features for less cost than any other Laser Software Package and runs on all Windows operating systems from 98SE to the new Windows 7 operating system, new features are constantly being added and customers get free updates to all new features.

Zion is the most user-friendly, full featured, true 3D system on the market. It is perfectly suited for creating long, complex laser shows from scratch. No programming knowledge is required. Utilizing the latest in programming techniques, Zion attacks the most time consuming aspect of laser lightshow programming... generating animations and simplifies this so even a person with minimal computer skills can accomplish this with ease. Here are just a few of our easy to use features (a complete listing would take several pages): Free-form 3D editing using a new method that is much easier and faster than CAD style 3D editing, trace scanned-in bitmapped pictures or images, Convert Windows AVI files into laser animations, multi-channel operation for projecting up to 16 animations in completely different directions at the same time from a single set of galvo's, on-screen preview (so that frames, scenes, and complete Shows can be viewed in full colour on the computer screen without having to turn on your laser), TTL and DMX trigger inputs for remote control of Zion, TTL and DMX trigger outputs for controlling external devices, DMX control for controlling your laser via your lighting desk and DMX outputs for controlling moving head lasers, real-time queues for timing shows from CD and Media files with real-time image manipulation during the show. Real time creation of beam sequences, and full image manipulation while playing a show, rotations, sizing, ofsets and many more features can be applied to scenes while the show is playing thereby eliminating the need for scripting of shows.

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Other features include:

Great for non-English speaking users! Large "International Icons" are used for most of the user interface, rather than buttons with words.

Advanced image rotations and manipulations for live manipulation of scenes and shows.

20,000 Frames of free graphics.

Preview Screen.


Dedicated drawing package.

Bitmap to laser image converter.

Avi to laser animation converter.

Free 3D studio Max Plug-in for importation of images created in 3DS.

Optional live performance keyboard.

Beam Sequence builder.

Text message generator.

Direct CD Time-coding straight from the computers own CD drive with automatic playback.

Direct Music Time-coding from Music files with auto playback.

Up to 256 channels from 1 set of galvo's.

TTL control in and out.

DMX control in and out.

Full 3D editing built within

3D Lisajous pattern generator.

Availability to use any windows font or style for direct text messaging.

Pci,Usb and Network versions available as standard, run your laser show from your laptop.

Free Plug-ins for 3D Studio-max 3 and 5.

Can be Run via Network connection USB or Wireless Network Link.

And much more.

The four pictures below are from shows we have performed using Zion.


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