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Control and Scanning Hardware

Control Hardware

Laser Electronics new Sirius hardware design uses a multifunction bus architecture that allows one hardware design to cater for multiple bus interfaces.

The Laser Electronics hardware output card can be plugged into any standard PCI bus or used external to the host PC via the onboard USB or Network connection.

The standalone design incorporates onboard I/O processing allowing the Sirius design to perform uninterrupted data I/O without any performance constraints being placed upon the host PC.

The primary use of the Sirius hardware design has been for the display of high quality laser images for laser light show purposes, but equally the Sirius design can be implemented into control applications for Marking, Engraving, Robotics or any automation design that requires a PC to I/O digital to analogue interface.

All projector connections conform to the ILDA standard pin-out configuration.

The latest addition to the Sirius family has been the development of a low cost USB to DMX (RS 485) interface, giving 512 channels of I/O interface.

All Laser Electronics laser control software comes as standard with the option of USB Network or PCI hardware included within the software package and is available straight from stock.


Scanning Hardware


Laser Electronics Ltd present the latest in affordable closed looped scanning technology. The new LESCAN2 scanning system offers 32khz PPS at 68 degree optical scan. The complete scanning system comes with two closed loop optical scanners and mirrors, scanner mount, power supply and all cables. The system accepts both differential input and single ended, and is available straight from our stock. Complete scanning system for under $800.

Further Advantages in LELSCAN2, X Y scanning include:

Low Mass lightweight mirrors for increased scanning performance (higher definition)

Frequency and Over-Drive  limiting to prevent over scanning (prevention of destruction of galvos)

Voltage testing prior to scan set initialization (prevention of floating voltage)


EMS 4000


System Components

Laser Electronics can also provide a wide range of system components, such as MM1 mirror mounts, optical components and replacement parts for most systems.

We have available from stock ready made ILDA 10m cables, Invert boxes for running up to 4 laser systems from 1 controller and a host of other components.

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